Our Story

Welcome to Käthe Wohlfahrt of America, the premier source of German inspired and finely crafted holiday and seasonal décor items. Whether it's Valentines Day, Easter, May Day, Fathers Day, Oktoberfest or Christmas, we have something for every occasion. Many of the items we offer, such as Nutcrackers, Incense Smokers, Pyramids and Ornaments reflect traditional German handicraft and skills that have flourished in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) of Germany for well over 200 years. Since 2001, Kathe Wohlfahrt of America has offered its exclusive products to North American audiences through its website, at its brick-and-mortar store in Stillwater, Minnesota, and in 2019 at 9 seasonal Christmas Markets in the U.S and Canada.


All of our Kathe Wohlfahrt ornaments and décor items are German inspired and designed and manufactured within the European Union (EU). There is one notable exception. Within the Kathe Wohlfahrt wooden ornament collection there are a handful of ornaments currently being assembled and painted in Tanzania. Kathe Wohlfahrt has collaborated with leaders in Tanzania to help bring jobs to local communities and also fund a clean water initiative. Those few items are denoted as having a Country of Origin of Tanzania. They are hand painted with the same quality standards as all other Kathe Wohlfahrt items.


The new Fascination Home Collection showcases holiday decor items, souvenirs, & many other specialties from around the world. Many items in the collection have a country of origin from outside of the EU and if applicable, the country of origin is denoted for the product under additional information.

Our Philosophy

Käthe Wohlfahrt – Traditional Christmas Decoration with a Contemporary Look

The family run company Käthe Wohlfahrt is an ambassador for the traditional German Christmas tradition. We supplement this in our comprehensive range with contemporary decoration items for your home. We would like to evoke beautiful memories and emotions with our products and to take our customers into a unique Christmas world in our lovingly arranged specialist shops.

Our Guiding Principles


We would like to make German Christmas traditions tangible. Trends as well as traditional designs are incorporated into the selection of our range of products. We attach great importance to promoting traditional German manufacturers and therefore offer their products preferentially in our range. The German Christmas Museum attached to our main store in Rothenburg ob der Tauber forms the scientific basis of our assortment. Through our research work, we have a sound knowledge of the historical Christmas and thus can create a bridge between the past, the present and the future.


We always offer our customers the best service. This means that we offer qualified assistance in our stores by our trained staff. Accepting as many payment methods as possible so you can choose the option that works best for you. We ship everywhere within the United Sates and our customer service is available to help no matter your question Monday through Friday 9 am – 4 pm CST.


In our stores we take our customers into a world that allows them to forget their everyday life. We achieve this through a special way of product presentation that is individualized from store to store, which has made us the market leader in traditional Christmas shops. Customers immediately recognize our shops and the designs from our in-house artist's workshop by the special, lovely and detailed design.


We guarantee for the quality of our products. To this end, the selection of articles and suppliers is subject to strict criteria and is checked again and again. Thanks to trained specialists, not only in sales, but also "behind the scenes", we can offer our own spare parts service for damage that occurs later with tips and tricks to troubleshoot any issues.

About Käthe Wohlfahrt Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Kathe Wohlfahrt Rothenburg ob der Tauber, where the enchantment of Christmas comes to life all year round. Step into our world of timeless tradition and unparalleled craftsmanship, where every ornament tells a story and every decoration evokes a sense of wonder. Discover the heartwarming tale behind our family-owned company in "The Joy of Giving Since 1964", and delve into the rich heritage that has made us a beloved name worldwide. Explore our diverse range of product brands, each crafted with passion and dedication to spreading joy and cheer.